• Styling Cushions

    May 10 2017 – Maxine Smith

    Styling Cushions

    Often we seek a new look- crave a fresh take for our space to change the mood in our home. An effective method to give your home a make-over without breaking the budget is to use cushions to fashion your new environment.

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  • Moroccan Wedding Blankets and Quran Tablets

    May 04 2017 – Maxine Smith

    Handmade with Love

    In a world of cookie cutter design, consumers are seeking something more. It is truly reinvigorating when we discover an artwork or product made by hand. Made with creativity, a sense of individual expression and purpose, hand-made artisanal wares have an authenticity and innate joy that needs to be honoured.

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  • Image via David Byrne Travel

    May 02 2017 – Maxine Smith

    The Art of Travel for Treasures

    Morocco is one of my favourite travel destinations. Carved out in vivid colour and the sweet smells of mint and freshly ground spices; it is a place brimming with chaotic commercial opportunity. Travel to scout treasures for your home can be daunting. 

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