• <center> ZANAFI RUGS

    July 04 2018 – Amritpal Kaur


    Our exclusive Zanafi Collection is hand-woven by Berber women from the Ouarzazate region of Morocco just South of Marrakech using natural wool fibres and natural dyes, bringing centuries-old Moroccan weaving traditions to the forefront. Typical of this tribe's textiles are the patterns of zigzags, triangles and diamond shapes. The colours are clear and powerful. Flat-weaved in virgin wool of the finest...

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    June 27 2018 – Amritpal Kaur


     Introducing a detailed background to our well sought after Sabra Collection. Often called ‘Sabra’, ‘Sabila’ or ‘Cactus silk’, these cushions and rugs are woven by Berber craftspeople from the fibres of the Aloe plant found in the arid foothills of the Atlas Mountains, in northeastern Africa.   View & Shop Sabra CUSHIONS Each Sabra piece is handwoven on a traditional...

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  • Touch of Tribal

    May 25 2017 – Booster Apps

    Touch of Tribal

    Fashion often enfolds us with all consuming influence and then leaves, a transient state of favouritism shaping our interiors and styled selves, over swiftly ready for the next idea. Despite the ebb and flow of popular trends, one that continues to live and thrive today is the Tribal trend; eclectic and adaptable to each room in your home, it represents...

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  • Image via David Byrne Travel

    May 02 2017 – Maxine Smith

    The Art of Travel for Treasures

    Morocco is one of my favourite travel destinations. Carved out in vivid colour and the sweet smells of mint and freshly ground spices; it is a place brimming with chaotic commercial opportunity. Travel to scout treasures for your home can be daunting. 

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