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Cushions & Pouffes

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Eceng Cushion
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Raffia Cushion With Fringe
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Bring casual elegance to any room with hand woven bohemian cushions

They say time is last true luxury. And this can’t be truer for our handmade boho floor cushions, which have been dyed and woven throughan elaborate process – one that demands remarkable skill and patience from the artisan.

Made with natural, breathable fabrics like Cactus Silk and Malian cotton, our collection of boho floor pillows come in a variety of patterns, colours, and textures that reflect distant and ageless landscapes.

Transform your living space into a coastal retreat or a dessert oasis. We’ve gathered these boho style cushions for the intrepid traveler whowants to rediscover the faraway places they’ve visited right in the sanctuary of their own home.

Relive thatonce in a lifetime trip by adorning your home with thesebohemian floor pillows. Our artisanal throw pillows will unlock the experience time and again. Fall back into a mountain of soft pillows, and watch that pink boho cushion light up a room’s empty corner. It’s timeless luxury for theadventurer at heart.

Creative a festive but relaxed atmosphere with these boho outdoor pillows

Our range of cushions creates a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor living. There’s no reason why your backyard should be as cozy as your bedroom. And for the decorator who spares no expense when it comes to the creature comforts, our black and white boho cushions are a great place to start.

Entertain friends and family in the fresh air. These boho chair cushions make for amazing outdoor seating. Take your pick from sumptuous fabrics like silk and cotton, not to mention a million different patterns that can never be repeated. Every one of our bohemian cushions is a unique creation, the product of rich tradition and refined skill. That’s why our pillows bear distinctive shades and stitching variations that any discerning buyer will appreciate.

Hand dyed with vegetable pigments, these cushions call to mind that many colours of the natural terrain from which they originated.From earth tones to versatile neutrals, you’ll find a floor pillow to suit each décor.

Inspired by nature, created by the finest artisans. Our collection of boho cushions can turn any outdoor area into a destination.

Our bohemian cushions are more than just filler; they’re an experience

From white boho cushions with a contemporary feel to Sabra cushions bearing bold and intricate patterns, this carefully curated collection brings you the finest floor pillows for home, office, and everything in between.

Take nothing for granted when you take our hand-woven boho style cushions in your possession. Our vintage Moroccan cushions come to you courtesy of the Berber weavers of the North African nation’s stunning Atlas Mountain region, while the Mali mud cloth cushions, also known as “bogolanfini”, have been created using techniques that have been passed down through rituals over the centuries.

Our Sabra cushions are no less impressive – made with sustainable, all natural Saharan agave cacti silk, which is manually pounded until the fibres separate and can be woven into cushions, these floor pillows are truly a labour of love.

You help preserve these timeless traditions when you take our cushions into your home. Each bohemian floor cushion is a reminder of humanity’s perseveranceand our desire to pass knowledge down to the generations.

For a laid-back, sophisticated vibe

Made with 100% cotton, our Inca Collection brings you luxe boho cushions for every occasion. Traditional in style, but contemporary in their appeal, these bohemian floor pillows are an excellent addition to any space.

Our Inca cushions come in neutrals and warm shades that are reminiscent of the colours and contours of the land that inspired them. Try Stone and Indigo for a sleek look, and Bamboo, for a more inviting feel. The interwoven yarns of these boho floor cushions create a subtle but stunning textural weave that adds character to any interior.

Use as an accent piece or for layering – you can take our Inca cushions in any direction. The light, breathable fabric makes it ideal for the home. Sit lotus style amidst a sea of feather-light floor pillows in the living room. Go to sleep surrounded byhand-woven, cottony-soft cushions. Now that is true luxury –the kind that can only be attainedthrougha laborious process and the highest level ofcraftsmanship.