Dried Flower Bar

Dried Flower Bar

Curated by nature our forever flowers are gathered to compliment your space.

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Make it last with our Dried Flowers

If fresh flowers symbolise the fleeting natureof beauty, then preserved and dried flowers stand for its longevity. Here at Barefoot Gypsy, our flowers are always in bloom.Curated with deliberation, preserved; our collection of dried flower bouquets consists of genuine leaves and flowers that deserve a place in your home.

Dried palm leaves, lotus pods, and chrysanthemums add akind of rawness and rusticity lackinginmodern interiors. Preserved dream star flowers and apple leaves evoke romance and femininity. But best of all, there’s no maintenance necessary – our dried botanicals are made to last.

Sold by stem or bundle, our everlastings will bring joy and sentimentality to any occasion. Every arrangement is one of a kind. When you buy dried flowers from us, you don’t just get a pretty bouquet. You get a delicatework of artthat has been carefully considered. Leaf by leaf, colour by colour, we put a lot of thought and creativity into our dried flower arrangements.

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy quality dried flowers, Melbourne anthophiles can finally stop searching. Choose our Dried Flower Bar for beauty that never fades.Love, dream + be free with Barefoot Gypsy.

Dried flower bouquets for a timeless gesture

The art of drying flowers dates back to ancient times. The Egyptians used dried flowers in fragrances and cosmetics. The Japanese used pressed flowers, branches, and barks to create intricate works of art. The Elizabethans wore them as accessories. Today, this ancient practice continues to bring us joy and pleasure.

You may have even done it yourself, pressing flowers between the pages of your diary, air drying a bouquet of roses, or keeping stems of flowers in a vase long after they’ve withered.

The art of drying and preserving flowers continues to flourish because we are sentimental beings by nature, and because we never fail to be amazed by the beauty of these tiny blooms.

Barefoot Gypsy is happy to share this ancient practice with you. Our collection keeps the art alive witha bounty of exquisite dried flowers. Australia has a love affair with flowers and it only makes sense to want to keep them around for as long as possible.

Bring the fragile beauty of dried flower petals into your home or work space.Get that vintage feel with dried roses. Go shabby chic with dried sunflowers. The possibilities for style and décor are limitless.

Say what you mean with preserved flowers

Rich in symbolism, flowers speak louder than words. Yellow roses for friendship. Chrysanthemums for longevity and renewal. African sunflowers for loyalty. Flowers say what words can’t. Our preserved flowers certainly speak volumes with their delicate and ethereal quality.

The quiet elegance of Baby’s Breath makes it an unforgettable keepsake gift. Rice Flower adds a dash of colour and texture to any room. Preserved flowers have the vitality of fresh flowers and the longevity of artificial ones. Enjoy the best of both worlds with these everlasting botanicals. With very little care required, these carefully preserved blooms will light up your home for the many days, weeks, or months to come.

Our words disappear into thin air and become forgotten over time. But these preserved flowers are the ultimate gesture of love, loyalty, gratitude, sympathy, and appreciation. More than a passing remark or a statement that can easily be misconstrued, our everlasting bouquets have an eloquence that human speech does not.

Learn to speak the language of flowers today when you visit our Dried Flower Bar. Let them know that you’re thinking about them. Show up at their doorstep with our boho flowers. There’s no misinterpreting such a precious token. If words escape you, the remarkable beauty of these preserved flowers won’t.

Browse our collection ofdried flowers online Australia

There’s something to be said about the hardy and low maintenance quality of everlasting bouquets. Our dried flowers are easy as can be. Just arrange them like so and leave them in a quiet corner of the room. Unlike potted plants or fresh cut flowers, they don’t ask for much. Only that you give them a place in your home.

Enjoy the company of dried roses without the fuss of replacing vase water, re-cutting stems, or bringing ample sunlight into theroom. It’s timeless décor for the modern lifestyle. It’s beauty without the pain.

Our dried flower bouquets are also economical. While it’s a joy to be surrounded by fresh flowers all year, the versatility and longevity of preserved flowers allow you to make a vast array of dried flower arrangements without the need to keep finding new ones.Just play around with the many stems and specimens from our exclusive collection.

Discover the enduring appeal of dried flowers today.