Light Pendants

Iconic sculptural pieces, these light pendants are the perfect statement for a room.

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Get the illumination you need with our boho lamp

Lighting plays a vital role in any living space. From providing light and setting the mood, to accentuatingspecific pieces and changing the perceived size of the room, boho lighting is simply indispensable.

Using a combination of natural and artificial sources of light will allow you to play up the strengths of a room’s design. So draw those curtains and bring in a boho pendant light to give your living space that special glow.

Made with natural materials like rattan, our boho lamp shades comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes for your aesthetic requirements. Each one has that raw, earthy feel that gives your living space an edge. More work of art than lighting fixture, these distinctive sculptural pieces blend form and functionality with stunning results.

Our Koto pendant light calls to mind the sleek lines of the Far East, while the Hula light pendant brings that wild and exotic energy to any room. With this much variety in one place, choosing just one boho lamp from our selection is the difficult part.

Elegant but laid-back, raw but sophisticated, no room is complete without our boho light pendant. Make it a part of your interior design to createa lush and inviting space.

A fine collection of Moroccan-made boho lamp shades, curated just for you

Each bohemian light shade in this exclusive collection has been crafted with precision and imagination. We brought everything in one place so that you can choose the perfect boho ceiling light for your living space.

Made by trained Moroccan artisans using the finest rattan, each boho lamp was created to bring delight, warmth, and variety to your life. Use them as accent pieces. Let them illuminate the darkest corners. Make them a visual highlight of your room with their raw andnaturaltexture.

A boho bedside lamp is the perfect addition to an eclectic bedroom, as is a bohemian floor lamp to a colourful seating area. Our boho table lamp will also add a touch of rawness to an otherwise sterile living room.

Make your home come alive with the coarse and reed-like quality of rattan. Our artisans use all natural rattan that call to mind the tropical origins of this plant-based material.With a wide range of designs that hark back to complex and naturally occurring shapes in nature, our boho lamp shades will remind you of faraway travels and summers gone by.

Create a warm, cozy environment with our rattan pendant lights

Whether natural or artificial, light greatly influences how we feel, think, and behave. Use ambient lighting to your advantage when designing your living space. Soft lighting creates an intimate mood, while bright, scattered light brings verve and energy.

With our collection of boho lamp shades, you can dim it down for a calm and relaxed environment. Whether you want to set the mood in the kitchen, bedroom, or living area, our bohemian light shadefrom Morocco is equal to the task.

Come home to a warm and inviting atmosphere. One that is all your own.All it takes is the kind of boho ceiling light that complements your personal style. Bring one or several to your living space to achieve the desired effect.

Made with all natural rattan, our pendant lights let you relive those duskyevenings in the tropics, the warm hues of your last summer getaway. All in the comfort and familiarity of your own space.

Bring out your interior’s finest features with accent lighting

Our boho lamp does more than brighten up the room – it can highlight specific pieces and design features that you love. Put them in the spotlight with our bohemian light shade so your guests can better appreciate them.

Whether it’s a valuable piece of Tamegroute pottery, a painting, or a handcrafted suar wood side table, our pendant lights will do justice to its unique beauty.

The same goes for gleaming wood flooring, freshly paint walls, or a vintage fireplace. A strategically placed bohemian floor lamp can do wonders for your home’s best features. Draw guests’ attention to these qualities to heighten their enjoyment of the space.

Our collection of palm leaf pendant lighting from Moroccoand our rattan goes well with a variety of décor. These versatile pieces can work with rustic, bohemian, modern, and coastal chic – you name it., and there’s a place for that boho table lamp in your living space. Your imagination is the only limit.

It can be incorporated into your living space with ease. Bring that decorative spark into the room when you choose from our collection of Moroccan pendant lighting.