Moroccan Wedding Blanket 01



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Moroccan Wedding Blanket 01


  • Product Description
      Handwoven by artisans in Morocco, these Vintage Moroccan Wedding Blankets show the beauty of their creation and history through their vintage and unique design.

      A piece to be passed onto generations time and time again. 

      These exotic handwoven, embellished blankets are a window into traditional Berber culture and are becoming increasingly popular in Western interiors.

      The creamy blankets are handwoven out of sheep’s wool, cotton, and linen by the Berber women of the Atlas Mountains in Northern Morocco. Once the weaving process has been completed, the hundreds of mirrored sequins are attached one by one by hand.

      The blankets are woven in anticipation of a wedding by the bride’s relatives, during which time, the elderly females would educate the bride about the rituals of marriage and daily life.

      Once married the bride wears the blanket as a cape on her journey to her new home. The fact that the blanket is handwoven is thought to endow the blanket with blessings for the new couple, ward off evil and bestow fertility on the newlyweds.

      measurements: 2280cm x 1210cm approx