Stone Boulder Candle


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  • Product Description

      A large Sphere Candle with an imposing black texture. Hand-poured at low temperature to create a rock-like texture.

      This black moon candle has a crater-like texture reminiscent of the dark side of the moon.

      All candles are poured from the finest wax. Smoke- and drip-free, they are finished with a natural wick for a clean & calm burn.

      Burning Time:
      small   50 hours
      medium   80 hours
      large   100 hours

      small   12cm 
      medium   15cm 
      large   19cm 

      Ideally, it’s best to burn these candles for three to six hours at a time, so we usually suggest that you light them when you get home from work and blow them out before bed.

      Burning Time:
      small   100 hours
      medium   180 hours
      large  280 hours