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Create a Global Feel in Your Home with Turkish Pots from Barefoot Gypsy

Create a Global Feel in Your Home with Turkish Pots from Barefoot Gypsy

If you’ve been seeking a unique way to add an element of culture and charm to your home, then Turkish Pots are the perfect choice! Whether you’re looking for something different to spice up your indoor or outdoor area or searching for décor with a global feel, the traditional pottery from Turkey can be just what you need. Warm terracotta tones invoke feelings of family gatherings and ancient architecture that transports you back in time. They also make fantastic centrepieces for any area in the house.

Imagine having a piece of history in your home or garden. Our collection of Turkish pots and jars have been sourced from different regions of Turkey, each with their unique stories to tell. Some of the pots are over 150 years old, adding to their charm and character. These gorgeous pieces can be displayed in various ways, nestled amongst your plants or on a stand to take centre stage. And don't worry about digging holes or securing them, we also have iron pot designed to hold them securely. Bring a touch of Turkish culture and history to your space with these beautiful Turkish pots.   Here we will take a look at some of the distinctive features of our Turkish pot collection so that you can find exactly what fits into your space perfectly.

Turkish Pots and Jars

Our Turkish Pots and Jars offers charming and timeless pieces that can bring beauty and function into every room of your home. Our one-of-a-kind Turkish pots are available in natural, black, white, or green glaze, with options in all sizes. Not only will they look wonderful in the outdoors but they can be used as decorative holders or statement pieces indoors.

Turkish Vessels

Turkish Odemis and Urns

Take home a piece of Turkey's rich history with our Turkish Odemis. The classic whitewashed odemis were originally crafted as vessels for oil, each pot with its own distinct character and charm. Use one as a standout feature or let it add personality to a group of beloved decor items. With each one being a unique, vintage piece, the sizes, shapes, and dimensions will vary. Join the tradition and add a touch of warmth and charm to your home with Turkish Odemis and Urns.

Turkish Odemis Pot


 Turkish Vessels

The small vintage Turkish vessels are made of terracotta once used to store grains or oil, they are still functional and their design makes them perfect as accent pieces in any setting.  Whether you just want one or several, they can fit perfectly into any space.  Arrange in corners, or as a stand alone statement piece  - its endless possibilities gives each room it's own personality.

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