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  • Transform Your Home into a Moroccan Oasis with These Simple Style Hacks

    Transform Your Home into a Moroccan Oasis with These Simple Style Hacks

    Morocco is a truly magical and mysterious place, from the bustling souks heaving with vibrant colours and smells to the vast desert landscapes of the Sahara. It is is a feast of interior design style inspiration. While we may not be able to travel there at the moment, there’s nothing stopping us from creating our own slice of Morocco from the...

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  • The Heart Of The Home

    The Heart Of The Home

    The kitchen table is known as the heart of the home. It is where meals are shared, memories are made, where loved ones gather, where traditions are born, and where stories are told and retold. Our collection of dining tables are handcrafted pieces designed to celebrate the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor living, each piece is infinitely diverse, ready...

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  • The Barefoot Gypsy Experience

    The Barefoot Gypsy Experience

    From a small vision during lockdown in Victoria, The Barefoot Gypsy multi-level concept store came to life. At Barefoot Gypsy, we believe sourcing old and new,  there is a charm in a piece crafted or created. Unique imperfections make it beautiful– it celebrates the human hands that have made it. We wanted to create a space for you to step...

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