Explore age-old traditions and artisan techniques. Lose yourself in the art of ancient design where furniture and homewares weathered over time are given new life in the modern home.

Bohemian House Style Decor - Barefoot Gypsy

Design with a global spirit! Discover one-of-kind Bohemian style decor at Barefoot Gypsy to complement your living space and enrich it with coastal styles. Barefoot Gypsy is committed to supporting and promoting artisans worldwide. Also, we believe handmade matters when it comes to adding ancient spirit to your living space. That’s why we bring a charming collection of home decor products in Australia inspired by age-old traditions and artisan techniques. ... Our collection of home accessories in Australia includes unique, handcrafted pieces that are sourced from the remote villages of India known for their ancient traditions and impeccable artisan techniques. Each piece we offer at the Barefoot online shop has a fascinating history behind it, which adds authenticity and joy to your place.

Discover a Huge Edit of Unique Home Accessories in Australia

Offering more than simple home decor supplies, we bring a beautiful collection of furniture and homeware weathered over time. Our gorgeous Bohemian house decor products enable you to bring the natural, unspoiled beauty of nature into your home. From outdoor/indoor furniture to home decor supplies, coastal décor, and modern Bohemian style, we offer a huge collection to give your home a new life. Apart from accessories, we provide you with a wide range of furniture and home decor products to create a perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor fusion. For instance, if you’ve an outdoor space that you wish to decorate or increase its functionality, there are supplies like bamboo dining tables, bamboo coffee tables, bamboo sunbeds, and more. In the home decor section, the Barefoot online shop features blankets, rugs, vintage finds, bowls, trays, tableware, pots, light holders, etc. However, our home accessories in Australia aren’t ordinary supplies from your local market. Instead, they are hand-crafted, carefully selected items that add a unique touch to your living space. Also, they are sourced from regions around the world known for their artistic cultures.

Boho Home Decor Products Wholesale in Australia

Looking to give a refreshed look to your place? Boho home decor wholesale in Australia at Barefoot Gypsy must be exactly what you are looking for. Simple yet beautiful, our Bohemian house decor supplies range from Chapel Candle, Lumira, Malek, Batara, Lyki, Harum, Leather Pouffe, Grain Basket, Rustic Elm Dining Table, Indian Kadai Tray, and more. Explore the range at Barefoot Gypsy and find the perfect decor for your living place!


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