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  • Barefoot Gypsy Organic Bamboo Collection

    Barefoot Gypsy Organic Bamboo Collection

    Create your own island luxe paradise with our Bamboo Summer Collection. Artisan crafted and weather resistant, our bamboo pieces can be enjoyed all year round.  Why Bamboo?  Known as natures most sustainable resources, Bamboo is the worlds fasted growing plant. It is an extremely renewable material grown organically without pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than the...

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  • Discover Dried Flowers

    Discover Dried Flowers

    Curated by nature our forever flowers are gathered to compliment your space. Our collection of dried and preserved flowers are designed to bring a sense of timeless character to the home. Adoring natures tones and textures, we believe dried flowers bring an instant sense of joy into anyones lives. The perfect keepsake gift for yourself or loved ones.  Our wide...

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  • A European Summer

    A European Summer

      Our lady @milliesou takes us through her European Summer and shares the most admirable locations with us.       Tell us about your trip? It was a four month dream adventure around Europe, Starting in the hustle and bustle of London then making our way around 7 other beautiful countries. My trip was spent beach hopping, indulging in the most...

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