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  • The Barefoot Gypsy Experience

    The Barefoot Gypsy Experience

    From a small vision during lockdown in Victoria, The Barefoot Gypsy multi-level concept store came to life. At Barefoot Gypsy, we believe sourcing old and new,  there is a charm in a piece crafted or created. Unique imperfections make it beautiful– it celebrates the human hands that have made it. We wanted to create a space for you to step...

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  • A celebration of history and design - Vintage Turkish Rugs

    A celebration of history and design - Vintage Turkish Rugs

    Committed to supporting artisans around the globe, our Turkish Oushak and Hemp rugs are true celebration of history and design. Subtle in colour and texture our Vintage rugs transcend all seasons and trends. Handwoven using timeless techniques passed down from generation to generation, each rug has its own unique story to tell. Discover the full collection here.

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  • Barefoot Gypsy Organic Bamboo Collection

    Barefoot Gypsy Organic Bamboo Collection

    Create your own island luxe paradise with our Bamboo Summer Collection. Artisan crafted and weather resistant, our bamboo pieces can be enjoyed all year round.  Why Bamboo?  Known as natures most sustainable resources, Bamboo is the worlds fasted growing plant. It is an extremely renewable material grown organically without pesticides, fertilisers or chemicals. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen than the...

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