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Introducing Sabra

Introducing Sabra

 Introducing a detailed background to our well sought after Sabra Collection. Often called ‘Sabra’, ‘Sabila’ or ‘Cactus silk’, these cushions and rugs are woven by Berber craftspeople from the fibres of the Aloe plant found in the arid foothills of the Atlas Mountains, in northeastern Africa.
Each Sabra piece is handwoven on a traditional loom and decorated using natural dyes, with each piece being unique and one of a kind. Its strong yet supple finish, ecological availability, environmental sustainability and ability to hold dyes make it a truly unique fibre.

Any sign of fading in colours or imperfections in the construction of your Sabra cushion or rug should be seen not as flaws, but rather as testament to the artisanal production methods and unique nature of each piece. 
The soft yet tough finish has gained these cushions and rugs renown around the world, whilst the intricate geometric patterns make them suitable to almost any room. Add a touch of ethnic style to your lounge, daybed or occasional chair with our range of cushions and rugs in muted and vibrant tones.

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