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Join Us Behind the Scenes on Our Photoshoot in Bali

Join Us Behind the Scenes on Our Photoshoot in Bali

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a product photoshoot? We're excited to invite you to join us as we take a peek behind the curtain during our recent photoshoot for Hermosa Living. Our team, armed with Hermosa Living's stunning collection, set foot in Bali for this photoshoot. We'll take you on the journey of what it was like to bring this laid-back luxury brand to life, from start to finish.

When we arrived in Bali, we headed straight to Hotel Sages, our photoshoot location. The island's lush greenery and upbeat vibe made for the perfect backdrop to showcase our product. The team carefully unloaded the collection and organised the run sheet for the day.

Day one hermosa living bali photoshoot

On shoot day, we indulged in fresh juices and smoothie bowls at Canggu's famous Crate Cafe before getting started. The day was hot and humid, so we took a dip in the pool during filming to cool down. With a keen eye for detail, we styled Hermosa Living's collection in every corner of the villa, showcasing the variety of ways the collection can be used.

We wanted to capture Hermosa Living's product in its natural environment, effortlessly transitioning from indoor to outdoor spaces. We worked tirelessly to ensure that every shot reflected the brand's laid-back luxury qualities. At the end of the day, we're incredibly proud of the images we captured and the emotion they evoke.


day 2 hermosa living photoshoot bali

Despite the frenzy of a photoshoot, our team managed to keep spirits high, keeping a cheerful and optimistic tone throughout the day. From early morning activities to designing the layout of the shoot, every detail was thought through. 

We're excited to be have launched Hermosa Living, and we're thrilled to bring you along on this journey. We took a risk by choosing Bali as our location, but we're delighted with how it turned out. Our team worked tirelessly from start to finish, and the results speak for themselves. We want to thank you for being a part of this journey. With every photo, we aim to show off the beauty and versatility of Hermosa Living's collection while giving a stylish solution for homeowners. Stay tuned to our stories as we continue to share updates on all our new products, exciting collabs, and much much more!

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