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Make Your House a Home With The Rumah Collection

Make Your House a Home With The Rumah Collection

Introducing the Rumah Collection: the perfect fusion of traditional and modern design. A collection intricately crafted from centuries old artisan traditions and reimagined for the modern home. Rumah, meaning 'home' in Indonesian, is at the heart of this collection. Home is not just a place, it is a feeling. A home tells a story of time: memories from the past and the promise of good times in the future. 


Much like your home, each piece from our Rumah Collection tells story. A story waiting to fill the walls of your home. A story of culture. A story of time. Our Old Rustic Water Pots were traditionally used for storing and transporting water to and from rural villages in Indonesia. They witnessed the many journeys across the Indonesian country-side. A keeper of time and secrets shared during many roads travelled. Now, these striking hand-crafted, organic, vessels stand to add warmth and character to your home and perhaps bear witness to your very own stories and tales. 

Our collection of Wall Plates were intricately weaved from Banana Bark and other organic materials by Indonesians during their weaving circles: a practice whereby people (traditionally women and children) meet to weave and socialise. The weaving circle offered women and children a space to be heard and understood. A safe space for a community to connect.

When stories like these are brought into our home they fill the walls with connection and meaning.  Connection to generations of traditions & cultures. As author of ‘Home Stories: design ideas for making a house a home’ Kim Leggett puts it, “a storied home will never look like any other because each will have its own unique story to tell”. A storied home is timeless. 

The Rumah Collection proudly celebrates the rich culture of Indonesia. A culture where the art of pottery is passed down from generation to generation. Indonesian pottery is usually unglazed and hand worked to form organic vessels in contemporary designs.  Explore our range of pots from the Rumah Collection and add detail and texture to your indoor or outdoor space. 


Make your house a home with our Rumah Collection.

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