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Master the Art of Slow Living

Master the Art of Slow Living

Slow Living is a movement that promotes living with intention. It's about recognising the importance of time and attention in enjoying a more full and meaningful life. We can invite this philosophy into the home too and adopt a more thoughtful approach to homemaking. We like to call this ‘Homemaking for the soul’ or to share in Marie Kondo’s ethos of living: curating a space full of pieces that spark joy. Here are a few tips for taking a slower approach to creating a still home.
Choose Sustainable Furniture 
Enjoy that time-worn patina on your wooden dining table or the chip on your vintage marble bowl - not everything needs to be fast, polished or perfect. Instead gravitate towards pieces that age with grace and character.
Embrace the Perfectly Imperfect
Moving at a slower pace means letting go of our fear of losing control. Your home doesn’t have to be show room perfect, make it yours.
Shop Handmade
Handcrafted items are carefully and thoughtfully made by the human hands of talented artisans. The fact that they are not made by machinery means they require less energy and natural resources, which in turn results in a lower carbon footprint. This means that to shop handmade is to shop more consciously and sustainably. Barefoot Gypsy have long standing relationship with artisans from across the globe, from the potters of Northern Morocco to the wood workers in rural India, China and Indonesia. Our brand is committed to supporting centuries old artisan techniques.
 The Story Behind the Decor

With every hand made piece you purchase from Barefoot Gypsy comes a unique and rich story. A story of centuries old traditions, artisan techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation and perfected over time with intention. A story of culture. A story filled with character. A story of meaning.

Remember, the choices we make don’t have to be at the expense of creating a space that feels warm and welcoming though. It can actually improve the way we feel about how and where we live.
We hope you found this useful now go forth and be still.

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