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Set the Tone for your Home:  5 Tips for Decorating with Coffee Table Books

Set the Tone for your Home: 5 Tips for Decorating with Coffee Table Books

Set the tone for any room in your home with these 5 simple tips for decorating with coffee table books. 

Coffee table books are a must-have interior design accessory. Their versatility and utility lend themselves to every corner of your home, from your entryway console, dining room table, kitchen island bench, guest room bedside table and office desk to your family-room bookshelves. Try these 5 easy-to-follow styling tips and transform any space in your home. 
The Pedestal Effect
Try elevating your decor accessories or that beautiful vase of fresh spring blooms with a stack of one or two books. You'll find this 'pedestal effect' draws the eye towards your most treasured design items and creates visual interest. 

Decorate a Tray
Just purchased a beautiful tray or large shallow bowl but not sure how to style it without it looking empty and incomplete? Pair it with some tonal coffee table books and watch your space fill with meaning and purpose. 

Add  a Pop of Colour

 With their unique and illustrative covers and graphic spines, coffee table books provide the perfect opportunity to add colour and personality to any surface in your home. One of our personal favourites is Resident Dog, which showcases over 25 of the world's most amazing houses, and the dogs that live there. Resident Dog (Volume 2) boasts a calming sage spine and features an adorable fury friend on the front cover. 

Fill That Space

 Looking for a way to fill that dead space, start with a collection of coffee table books. They are a great foundational piece. Once you set down your book of choice, try adding layers to it. You can really use anything, from a string of decorative clay beads to a ceramic or stone statue. 

 Use them in stacks or grouping
On a large table, use stacks or groupings of books to separate and highlight different decor accessories, such as vases, candles and other treasured pieces. This styling technique allows you to showcase some of your favourite home decor items, like that intricately carved candle holder from India or that rare organic vase shaped completely by hand. Start with your largest book on the bottom for stability, then add another two or three books from there and top with your feature item. You can use this style technique to communicate the interior design theme or aesthetic of your home. For example, if your home has more of a coastal flair you may wish to feature a large ornamental sea shell or clam, or perhaps your home is a nod to the bohemian modern interior trend in which case you might like to display a terracotta watering pot or set of clay beads. 
Coffee table books are not only an interior design style staple, they are also a great conversation starter for guests and visitors entering your home. Explore our collection of books and get decorating. 


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