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Styling Cushions

Styling Cushions

Often we seek a new look- crave a fresh take for our space to change the mood in our home. An effective method to give your home a make-over without breaking the budget is to use cushions to fashion your new environment. In the wise words of Interior stylist Megan Morton, cushions are the “red lipstick of the lounge.” We would agree that interior styling relies on cushions to punctuate our style and enhance the mood of a space in a beautiful fusion of function and decoration.
Inspiration comes from everywhere- when beginning your project you must be willing to open your imagination to the wealth of sources in your environment. A colour palette that transforms your space can come from a dreamy abstract painting, the print of a vintage scarf, an old postcard from your travels, or a favourite photo you have saved on pinterest of your dream room. Use these resources to build a bank of colours and patterns to reference and forge something that is uniquely you.
Whether making over a bedroom, or revamping your living room, something to consider is the size and scale of your cushions. Same size cushions give you a uniformity and harmony that often grants a more formal feel to your styling. Alternatively, creating a tumble of varied sizes defines a warm and welcoming feel, inviting your guests to jump in and make themselves comfortable
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If your space is neutral, be bold with your colour choices; play with textures to contrast fabrics and finishes to build depth and interest in your curating of cushions. They allow you to build the personality of the room and give it a sense of charm, whimsy, or sophistication. If you are looking to build a more formal elegance, consider keeping the palette monochrome, with simple bold patterns and a refined combination of shades or metallic.
Remember that cushions can do much more than just adorn a bed or a lounge; they can also be the tools to create new spaces. Create a cosy reading corner with a cluster of large, floor cushions. Soft, welcoming islands to retreat to and spend lazy mornings or weekends relaxing, they are the perfect retreat to imagine, read and dream.


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