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The Art of Travel for Treasures

Morocco is one of my favourite travel destinations. Carved out in vivid colour and the sweet smells of mint and freshly ground spices; it is a place brimming with chaotic commercial opportunity. Travel to scout treasures for your home can be daunting. The abundance of beautiful objects and textiles is overwhelming as you meander the lively, chaotic souks. This marketplace environment has a unique language of negotiation, which you need to quickly absorb to play the game.
In Marrakech and Fez you will find everything you could ever desire to style your home. Find your dream hand-made blankets, leather bags, textiles and tin accessories in Marrakech. The artistry of the pieces is extraordinary. So often you can meet the artists themselves, and experience the theatre of the craft.
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The price will always begin high. Moroccan sellers are very good at reading customers and there is no such thing as browsing.  Remember it is a two-way conversation and negotiation is part of the game. You will never get local prices, but you will secure a price that is at least half, if not a third of the original price. If you drink their tea, the deal is done. Everyone wins

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