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Touch of Tribal

Touch of Tribal

Fashion often enfolds us with all consuming influence and then leaves, a transient state of favouritism shaping our interiors and styled selves, over swiftly ready for the next idea. Despite the ebb and flow of popular trends, one that continues to live and thrive today is the Tribal trend; eclectic and adaptable to each room in your home, it represents a globetrotting independence.
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Image Barefoot Gypsy
The style is all about expression and creativity. The fashion is shaped by exotic intrigue- a diverse mix of ethically inspired prints, geometric shapes, techniques or textures. The global influences ensure a beautifully ever evolving space, a celebration of many cultural crafts, colour palettes and prints. In keeping with style trend predictions for 2017, interior design will work with less controlled layouts and celebrate a greater sense of freedom of expression.
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Image Barefoot Gypsy
Victoria Redshaw of London-based trend forecasting company Scarlet Opus shared her thoughts on the idea shaping interiors in 2017. “We are really excited by a trend we call TRIBE- of this trend is a changing attitude amongst some women in many different cultures and countries. This change is happening partly because women are more politically influential and represented, more independent and better educated than ever and generally more in control. Because of these changes many women will introduce more vibrantly expressive and bolder design choices into all aspects of their lives in terms of colour, pattern and shape.”*
Our Karen Hill Tribe cushions offer the perfect fusion between modern style and traditional artistry.  The beautifully colourful pieces boast designs that reclaim vintage clothes from the Mae Hong Son region of Thailand. Each piece is an original example of craft and design.  
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Image Barefoot Gypsy
An artfully placed tumble on your bed, a pop of earthy-coloured statement on your prized chair, these beautifully crafted pillows give any space the perfect punctuation to shout ‘global style’ with confidence.
*Quote sourced from ‘These are the biggest interior trends for 2017’ Danielle Pinkus, July 22, 2016.

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