July 04 2018 – Amritpal Kaur

<center> ZANAFI RUGS


Our exclusive Zanafi Collection is hand-woven by Berber women from the Ouarzazate region of Morocco just South of Marrakech using natural wool fibres and natural dyes, bringing centuries-old Moroccan weaving traditions to the forefront. Typical of this tribe's textiles are the patterns of zigzags, triangles and diamond shapes. The colours are clear and powerful. Flat-weaved in virgin wool of the finest quality.

Each textile portrays a unique scene, such as desert and hills, or seascapes, woven into the field and framed by a border. This style of weave has become known as "Zanafi" for it's bright mix of colours as well as tribal and modern textures. 
Legends tell of a Finish painter who married a Berber woman, who took her traditional Zanafi Tribal motifs and interwove her beloved husbands landscape paintings into her textiles, truly something inspired from the heart. These ethnic rugs are a stunning works of art that blend in easily with any kind of interiors. 
Hand selected by us on our visits to Morocco.
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