Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Created by women of Northern Morocco, specifically the Berber women of the Atlas Mountains, the handcrafted textiles are woven in preparation for a wedding. Over weeks of work, the female relatives of the bride all work together to craft this piece- using the time to educate the bride of critical life lessons to start her new chapter as a wife. The vintage blankets are woven from sheep's wool, cotton and linen. Once gifted to the bride, the wedding blanket serves not only as warmth and decoration in her home, but also to ward off evil and to bestow fertility and good luck upon the newlywed couple.

Our stunning vintage Moroccan wedding blankets are hand crafted, as such they have the 'human', sometimes 'imperfect' qualities of the hands that made them.  Not machine-made, each one is unique.

Style Tip: The versatility of the Moroccan wedding blanket means it can be used as a wall hanging, rug, bed covering, folded at the base of a bed or draped over a piece of furniture to inject a sense of global style into any space.

Care Instructions: Spot Clean Only

Please contact the Studio for images and information of our blankets; we continually have Moroccan Wedding Blankets coming from Morocco please if you would like to be notified of new finds.

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Moroccan Wedding Blanket
Moroccan Wedding Blanket
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