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5 Home Décor Tips to Give your Home a Refresh

5 Home Décor Tips to Give your Home a Refresh

Entering the new year is all about starting afresh- positive mindsets, renewed goals and ambitions, and of course, a clean and serene space to set the scene to achieve this all. 
If when reading this you take a glimpse around, only to feel uninspired and unmotivated by what fills your home, this blog is for you. 
These 5 home decor tips will help reignite the passion for design and a replenished fondness for your home. 
Replace your rug 
Rugs are such an effective and immediate way to refresh any space. Often eye catching and obvious, sometimes it takes removing a rug to realise a room's potential. 
Rugs help set the theme of a room, making it easier to incorporate other design elements around the tones and textures of the rug. Our Vintage Moroccan Rugs are one-of-a-kind creations that will add a global synergy to your home, not to mention they’re an artform on the floor! 
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Mix and Match pots 
There is always one awkwardly spaced void in every room that is tricky to style. Filling these spaces can be a balancing act between wanting to decorate whilst avoiding adding clutter and chaos to an already intricate space! 
Our safe guarded styling tip is to reach for your collection of pottery. It’s both practical and stylish, meaning you can have fun pairing different sizes and shapes together, and wa-la, you’ve found the linchpin that pulls together your vision. 
Our range of Moroccan Rif Pottery incorporates the ancient techniques and patterns that've been passed on from generations of potters of Northern Morocco. These pieces are full of character and wonderment, adding depth and personality to any corner or nook! 
Play with your bench styling 
Our popular Elm Benches are a household staple, serving as a functional yet stylish addition for many rooms. While you may not have our particular collection of handmade benches, most households will have a bench, stool or side table of sorts. These serve as the perfect pieces to cycle through your decor and style. 
We opt for rearranging our favourite books, pottery and candles on our benches, giving it a seasonal spruce when we need it and reviving a tired room. 
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Add texture  
Using textures consciously in design is an effective way to breathe new life into a room. Whether you add a Vintage Moroccan Pouffe next to your leather couch, or a finely woven cotton throw over your linen bedspread, these are simple tricks that will help refresh your home. 
Mixing fabrics and textures helps create a sense of movement and life, drawing the eye to specific design choices that helps to give a space a new mood. 
Experiment with wall art 
When you think of art, most people immediately picture a framed photograph or painting on the wall, though art has no definition. So why not experiment with it to give your home a stylish edge. 
  Fill your walls with meaningful pieces that tell stories of culture and age-old traditions from far away places.​​​​​​​​ Our Quran Tablets will instantly add life to a dull wall or entryway without overwhelming your vertical space. 
To shop our entire range of home decor here or reach out to our team for styling advice.
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