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7 Ways to Create a Coastal Paradise

7 Ways to Create a Coastal Paradise

We all love a coastal escape - warm sunshine, crunching white sand and the sounds of waves crashing as we relax with a great book. What’s not to love?  Why not bring the elements of that holiday feel home and create your own coastal paradise. Read on to discover seven approaches to creating a place of peace, harmony and contentment with coastal homewares. 

coastal paradise living room

1. Colour 
Colour can transform a space. A well-selected colour palette can effectively set the mood for a room and conjure memories of the relaxed beachy vibes you loved so much while away.  For a dreamy Australian coastal colour palette, think soft neutrals, greys, whites, and soft warm neutrals as accents. Feeling ambitious painting your walls white will immediately lighten and brighten your space. No time for paint? Consider a transformation without much fuss and add this calming palette through your selection of throws, cushions or your rug choice.
2. Harmony

Coastal paradises instil a sense of harmony, a quiet relaxation that comes from escaping into nature in all its harmonious beauty.  When considering the placement of your furniture in the room – less is more. Well selected feature pieces that sit in balance with each other make the space feel spacious and airy. Our Luna Elm Coffee Table is a perfect companion for a coastal home.  Made from reclaimed elm timber with its rectangle shape is handcrafted by our artisans. A fusion of rustic and contemporary design, this piece brings an earthy, raw and textural element to warm your space. 

3. Texture

When striving to create a luxe coastal home - an essential design element to consider is texture.  Adding layers or selecting coastal homewares that add a tactile element to your space ensures your design does not appear tonally flat. Our delicately handcrafted Flat Clay Beads in Sand are a perfect example of coastal décor Australia, a unique, statement piece that can be draped over a wooden bowl to add a textural element or hung over a door knob in the bathroom or bedroom. 

coastal style homewares

4. Scent

What better way to evoke the memory of a coastal escape than scent. Consider a room spray as the perfect tool. Experience our Lumira - Paradiso del Sole Room Spray to inspire the essence of an Italian summer holiday. The fragrance beckons from Italy’s Amalfi Coast, where the curves of the coastline dip into hidden coves and secluded beaches. The opening citrus and aromatic notes are as bracing as a brisk ocean spray off the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Lumira room sprays are sustainably sourced fine fragrances that will enhance any space, presented in a luxury recyclable glass bottle.

5. Natural materials

Natural materials are essential in creating your ultimate coastal paradise and our Mawar Elm Dining Table could be the perfect eye catching piece for your dining room. Crafted from reclaimed elm wood these dining tables are timeless, unique and special in their own way.

6. Light
To create the dreamy light of relaxed coastal escapes, ensure your space has loads of natural light to fill the room. Light, bright and airy your space will immediately project a sense of serene relaxation.  Consider adding candles as your style props,  scented and romantic. Discover our Lumira - Tahitian Coconut Candle. Reverberating with the creamy-sweetness of coconut, this enticing scent evokes the year-round sunshine of tropical Tahiti, where the towering coconut palms have been cultivated for centuries. The lushness of the fruit is enhanced by the heady opulence of the night-blooming jasmine and frangipani that adorn this island paradise. A base of vanilla and white musk makes this gourmand fragrance all the more delectable, while contributing warmth and sensuality.

7. Plants

Complimenting your coastal homewares, pops of greenery can be the perfect final element you might need.  They evoke a feeling of abundance and create a warm and welcoming ambiance for your room. Remember to think about where they are placed to ensure they have access to the best light. 

To source your ideal coastal homewares, explore our curated collection HERE.
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