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A European Summer

A European Summer

Our lady @milliesou takes us through her European Summer and shares the most admirable locations with us.
Tell us about your trip?
It was a four month dream adventure around Europe, Starting in the hustle and bustle of London then making our way around 7 other beautiful countries. My trip was spent beach hopping, indulging in the most amazing cuisines and taking in all of the special and memorable moments. It was a trip I will never forget.
Scorpios Mykonos, Greece
Where did you travel to?
Our first stop was London before making our way to Paris, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Spain then finishing off in Portugal. We sure did tick a lot of dream destinations off the list!
Riad 42 Marrakech, Morocco
Everyday bag essentials?
A book, film camera, my terry towelling bucket hat,
snacks and face sunscreen!
Scarabeo Camp, Morocco
Favourite Destination?
 This is such a hard one to pick but Mallorca in Spain sure did steal my heart! From it's beautiful country side to it's crystal blue beaches, there is something so special about that place. 
Mallorca, Spain
Favourite memory of your trip?
There was so many special memories but watching the hot air balloons at sunrise in Cappadocia, Turkey was a pinch me moment. We set hike up a mountain early morning to a secluded spot where no one else was. As the sun rose we had balloons flying from all directions around and above us, we couldn't believe the moment was real.
Images @milliesou

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