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Discover Dried Flowers

Discover Dried Flowers

Curated by nature our forever flowers are gathered to compliment your space. Our collection of dried and preserved flowers are designed to bring a sense of timeless character to the home. Adoring natures tones and textures, we believe dried flowers bring an instant sense of joy into anyones lives. The perfect keepsake gift for yourself or loved ones. 
Our wide variety of dried and preserved flowers can be used in many ways throughout your space. We love paired palms propped in the corner of a room for an eye catching statement or our large angel palm suspended angled on a blank wall to add a beautiful textural element. Our dried flower arrangements are perfect in a vase or pot on a bedside table or bench top.  Our arrangements are curated in our studio to add long-lasting beauty to your space. Dried to last a lifetime and one of a kind designs.
If you're like us and appreciate things that involve low maintenance then you will love how easy it is to care for your dried flowers. Here are our tips to consider... 
- Keep them out of direct sunlight.
- Home your dried flowers in a cool and dry area.
- Place them in an upright vase.
- Refrain them from getting wet.
- Fluff or dust them every so often.
The right care will allow your dried and preserved flowers to last a lifetime.
Discover our Dried flower bar online now.

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