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A Summer Soirèe With Barefoot Gypsy

A Summer Soirèe With Barefoot Gypsy

Soirèe, /ˈswɑːreɪ/, noun; An evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music.


With the warm months still lingering here in Victoria, there is nothing more we love than inviting friends and family over.

Think beautiful tableware, the clinking of cocktail glasses, charcuterie boards and dancing the night away. 

To help you get ready for your next Summer soirèe, we have put together a list of some of the essentials to ensure a seamless evening.



1. It's All About The Tablescape 




Create a bohemian yet dreamy feel for your tablescape by layering the centre of your table with blooms in neutral hues and adding tableware in natural tones and textures (think: wooden boards and bowls, marble tea lights, bright glassware and woven placemats). Don't forget candles to soften the atmosphere and create a magical feel when the sun starts to set.


2. Welcome Guests With A Cocktail 



  On a balmy evening you want to welcome guests with a refreshing cocktail. Gin is a crowd pleaser & not too dangerous if you're wearing white. Our personal favourite is a 'Gin Spritiz'. Serve chilled and in our bright 'Isla' glassware.


3. Set The Tone With The Perfect Playlist 


Start with light, jazzy tunes, spotify is your best friend when it comes to perfecting your music. Our Barefoot Gypsy playlist on 'Sun Going Down' is the perfect mix of soft but upbeat songs that will get all of your guests up and grooving. 



4. Look The Part

As host or hostess, it is absolutely essential you dress for the occasion. Ladies, think white, flowy & linen. Estilo Emporio is the perfect combination of comfortability and style. The new collection 'High Summer' is the embodiment of peace and serenity and will have you feeling relaxed all evening. 



A Summer soirèe is a fun and festive event. Enjoy styling, enjoy entertaining and enjoy a chilled Gin Spritz with friends under the stars. Xx


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