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How to Master the Modern Bohemian Home

How to Master the Modern Bohemian Home


The 'Boho' interior design style has come a long way from dream catchers and macrame plant hangers. As it stands today, the Modern Bohemian Home is eclectic and global. It embraces one-of-a-kind pieces infused with soul and character. 

Welcome the modern bohemian design style into your home with very little effort. Achieving this look doesn't mean going out and buying a whole new suite of furniture and homewares or following a strict formula. Instead, it's about mixing old and new. It's about collecting different pieces you love and then bringing them together with what you have in a spirited way.

Introduce global elements to your space. The bohemian home is a nod to a nomadic lifestyle: a celebration of the globetrotter. Opt for tribal inspired textiles that hint at the African art of weaving. Inject textured and bright vintage rugs and handcrafted timber furniture you may have collected on your travels.  

Achieving a modern bohemian home doesn't necessarily mean introducing a cacophony of colour, the style lends itself to a neutral home too. Bleached woods with hand carved details and time worn patinas are a great way to showcase the global spirit of the bohemian home. 


Mix your vintage one-of-kind-pieces with contemporary designs. Pare it back by mixing earthy hues with natural textures and textiles. 

The Modern Bohemian Home is an easy and fun design style to achieve. Remember to embrace your inner globetrotter and be open to mixing and matching old and new.

Enjoy x

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