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Moroccan Wedding Blankets and Quran Tablets

Handmade with Love

In a world of cookie cutter design, consumers are seeking something more. It is truly reinvigorating when we discover an artwork or product made by hand. Made with creativity, a sense of individual expression and purpose, hand-made artisanal wares have an authenticity and innate joy that needs to be honoured.
Moroccan Wedding Blankets

Image Barefoot Gypsy

BFG loves global crafts and we believe hand-made matters. There is a charm in a piece, whose beauty is slightly imperfect. It celebrates the human hands that have made it. It allows us to commemorate the artist who has taken the time to create something from their imagination using the craft of their local community and traditions to shape the piece as original. I believe when we see a piece we are drawn to, we see a part of that artist, their story and are connected to it, so we bring it home and make it our own. The history of the piece takes on a new chapter as we imbue it with our own use, our own stories.

 We celebrate hand-made. Our vintage Moroccan wedding blankets are hand crafted, textiles woven in preparation for a wedding. Over weeks of work, the female relatives of the bride all work together to craft this piece- using the time to educate the bride of critical life lessons to start her life stage as a wife. We support the Gambibgo community in Ghana, with our collection of Gambibgo Pot Baskets. The woven baskets are crafted from elephant grass and local goat leather for handles. In its diversity and imperfect hand-made beauty, our range is shaped by the stories of the artists who have made them.

Ghana Pot Baskets

Image Barefoot Gypsy

 When products possess their own story, their value becomes far more than the materials they are made from, it is the piece of heart and imagination given by the artist now part of the artwork that defines it’s worth. Hand-made matters.

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