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How to Style Your Narul Elm Coffee Table

How to Style Your Narul Elm Coffee Table

Our collection of timeless recycled elm timber furniture from afar has arrived and among them is our Narul Elm Coffee Table which has been handcrafted using centuries old artisan techniques. Its circular design creates the perfect shape to place in the middle of a room and fill an area with purpose. While the Narul holds her ground within any living space, the way you style this piece will be what sets your living area on fire!
The coffee table is a significant part of the living space. A place to put your feet up, put down food and drinks but more importantly a piece to anchor your entire living area. You want your coffee table to feel full but not overcrowded. It is not like the infamous ‘clothing chair’ in your bedroom. You know the one you throw your clothes that are too dirty for the closet but too clean for the laundry on? It should be well organised, functional and stylish. Not a dumping ground.
Think of the Layout Like a Table
The triangle keeps your table looking full, well organised and visually appealing. Play with groups of two or three décor accessories and lay them out in the triangle shape. Choose a large feature piece (it could be a collection of décor accessories) that will stand out the most on your table. We’ve chosen to layer two of our Old Moroccan Cous Cous Plates and adorn with our delicately hand-crafted Clay Beads in sand. 
Set the Tone
Add a beautiful coffee table book. A good coffee table book sets the tone of your living space. Discover our collection of books featuring style and design inspiration.
Add Layers and Dimensions
Add layers and height. You can do this by stacking a couple of interesting coffee table books on top of each other, grouping candles of varying heights and widths or incorporating vases with unique shapes.
Get Inspired by Nature
Flowers are a great way to add texture to your styling. We’ve used a bunch of dried Exoecaria Sebifera for a more rustic look. Create a more natural interior with our range of dried flowers from our dried flower bar.

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