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Transform Your Home into a Moroccan Oasis with These Simple Style Hacks

Transform Your Home into a Moroccan Oasis with These Simple Style Hacks

Morocco is a truly magical and mysterious place, from the bustling souks heaving with vibrant colours and smells to the vast desert landscapes of the Sahara. It is is a feast of interior design style inspiration. While we may not be able to travel there at the moment, there’s nothing stopping us from creating our own slice of Morocco from the comfort of our own homes. Get lost in your very own magical medina and transform your home into a Moroccan oasis with these simple style hacks.

Inject Colour

Morocco is a whirlpool of colours, from vivid mosaics to natural earthy pigments. Go bold or stay neutral, either way introducing colour is a win win for this design style. 

For a more subtle look keep it neutral with our collection of Moroccan Rif Pottery. From the potters of Northern Morocco, the ancient technique and patterns that have been passed on from generations handcrafting these unique clay vessels. Adorned in geometric patterns typically dyed with henna, these pots now make for stunning pieces in the home, bringing history from another culture.





Delight the Senses
Choosing a scent reminiscent of Morocco is also a great way bring this design style to life. Take your look to the next level with our Tunisian Mint Tea scented candles by Lumira.  There’s a certain ritual involved in drinking tea in North Africa: steeping the leaves, preparing the fresh mint, garnishing the drink with pine nuts. The aromatic scent of this candle inspires a new ritual of its own, one that begins with the delicate aroma of spearmint and that grows richer and warmer with Chinese ginger, crushed cloves and lemon zest. Like a rare moment of pause in bustling Moroccan Souk, it evokes a serenity that inspires contemplation.
Add Texture
Moroccan décor is all about texture. Moroccan rugs are really quite unique and an easy way to introduce the Moroccan design style into your home. Discover our collection handmade and one-of-kind vintage rugs.
 Another great source of texture and storage are our hand-woven baskets. All our baskets are made entirely by hand using dried palm leaves.
Get Low
Low seating is a key feature of Moroccan interiors. Rich in colour and texture, our cushioned daybeds are the perfect way to achieve this look.
Add an extra layer of comfort with our selection of vintage Moroccan pouffes and cushions.
Light It Up!
Pendant lights are a Moroccan style staple! Our selection of pendant lights are the perfect statement piece, sourced from the souks of Morocco, they will bring a sense of culture and warmth to your space. Hand made from palm leaves, the textural element is the true feature of this pendant.
Inspire a Marrakesh mood in your space – one of rest, pleasure and dreams. Discover our collection of homewares and furniture from Morocco. 

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