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The Atlas Collection

The Atlas Collection

When we first visited Morocco on a sourcing trip, we were captivated by its intoxicating blend of cultures, colour and soul. With a rich mixture of heritages from Berber to Arab, Spanish and French, it has a distinctly nomadic feel. It celebrates the handmade, the traditional, the vibrant and the bold. It holds a special place in our hearts and it's free spirit runs deep in our blood. Fast forward to June 2022, we were back in Marrakech, ready to hand-pick a collection of handmade one-of-a-kind pieces for our Atlas Collection
From the rust-coloured walls of the winding alleys of Marrakesh to the grand arches in the Medina, Morocco’s entire approach to style bleeds a certain creative flair. The souks are brimming with fine leather and pottery that dates back a thousand years. You’ll find the rustic roads twisting through Morocco’s mountain ranges lined with the earth dyed, hand woven rugs of the Berber people and the riads decorated with intricate tile-work set against lush green palms and cacti. It is a heady mix of colour and texture that feels exotic yet homely all at once. It is this inviting yet bold feeling that inspires us to bring a little slice of Morocco to your home. 

 Everything from benches hand crafted from eucalyptus wood and sun dried palm leaves to handblown glassware sculpted in the oldest and last remaining glass factory in Morocco -  the quality and craftsmanship of Moroccan homewares and furniture is undeniable. Each piece requires patience and time to master and uses artisan techniques passed down from generation to generation.  

When it comes to textiles, the Boujad Rugs are justly famous. Of course, it would not have been a complete trip to Morocco without weaving through the remote villages of the Atlas mountains to find these handwoven gems. Nothing can polish off a room quite like a lush woollen rug to tie a concept into place. 
Barefoot Gypsy was born to showcase designs with a global spirit, sourced and shared with one mission in mind: to help fill spaces with furniture and homewares that have the soul of the artists who made them imbued within. We are so excited to share our new collection, Altas, all sourced with this same mission in mind, all the way from Morocco. 

We hope you love it as much as we do.

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